My Slate Brow Beat on Amber from Parenthood

While Gossip Girl characters dance burlesque at bars, attend fashion shows, and hobnob at high-profile book events, a mostly hidden gem on NBC’s Parenthood has a life that actually looks familiar to a young woman navigating recession-era America. That gem is Amber Holt, the now 19-year-old daughter of Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham).

At first, this pint-sized rebel seemed like an afterschool-special archetype. We met her in the 2010 pilot when her nervous nelly of a mother walked in on the then 16-year-old with her 19-year-old rocker boyfriend. By the end of the 45-minute episode, Amber had gone missing on moving day and managed to land herself in a holding cell with her younger do-gooder cousin Haddie. (Read more here)