Tribeca Exclusive Interview: Julianne Moore And Michael Angarano Talk ‘The English Teacher’

Julianne Moore is an actress who has shaped the core of her career in the independent film world, so it’s no surprise that she would be returning to the Tribeca Film Festival with a quality film. This year she stars in the charming romantic comedy The English Teacher.

Doing a complete 180 from her character in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Moore plays an endearingly naive 40-year-old English teacher Linda. An unmarried A-type, Linda’s nose is always in a book, and for most of her life has found companionship, and the greatest life lessons in her favorite literature. Never going out of her safety zone to connect with anyone romantically, Linda neurotically has a mental checklist measuring up potential love interests to archaic stereotypes. (Read the rest @ The Inquisitr)